The connection between hearth and erectile dysfunction

Medical experts warn that erectile dysfunction may foretell a heart attack and death in patients at risk. A study conducted on a total of 1519 men diagnosed with cardiovascular disease found that those suffering from erectile dysfunction had a two times higher risk of suffering a heart attack or death compares to others. Erectile dysfunction is caused by poor circulation of blood in the arteries of the penis. Therefore, failure in achieving an erection may be a sign that the arteries have narrowed.

Heart disease is the leading cause of erectile dysfunction and is also among the top causes of death worldwide. Therefore, keeping your heart in a good condition is an essential condition of a healthy sexual function and also of a good quality of life. In order to take care of your hearth there are some small steps you can take. These changes usually include a balanced diet, exercise and quitting smoking. Many cardiologists believe that changing your diet and lifestyle is the most important way to prevent a heart disease because about 90% of heart illnesses can be avoided only with this simple step.

A heart-healthy diet is mainly bases  on  reducing the intake of salt and cutting back on saturated fat because these fats increase the level of bad-” LDL cholesterol which clogs the arteries. Instead we should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains rich in fiber, fish (rich in omega 3 fatty acids), eggs, dairy products, carbohydrates (bread, potatoes, cereals). Fatty foods should be reduced or eliminated if we can because they increase the cholesterol levels which in turn increase the risk of atherosclerosis that can lead to coronary artery disease and even heart attack. Also a high level of cholesterol in the blood reduces the blood flow to the penile tissue, resulting in erectile dysfunction.

Another risk factor for cardiovascular disease is smoking habit and excess consumption of alcohol. There is no quick and safe way to stop smoking, but if you succeed you will soon see results on long term; quitting smoking will help keep your heart healthy and prevent the development of erectile dysfunction. Even smoking a few cigarettes a day can affect your health.  Drink too much alcohol can damage your heart by increasing the blood pressure and also the weight. Too much alcohol is also a cause of erectile dysfunction. However, moderation can be really good for the hearth, especially in men over 40 years. We recommend some natural erectile dysfunction pills that are the best on the market and have no side effects. Feel free to read our reviews.