Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Physical or Psychological?

Erectile dysfunction can occur at any age. In young, the cause is probably psychological, while in older men, is rather an organic cause. Studies have shown a prevalence of 40% in men aged 40 years, and 70% in those over 70 years.

Causes of erectile dysfunction can be physical or psychological.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Causes

In case of physical causes, the erectile dysfunction erectile often starts gradually and problems tend to occur in all sexual activities. If erectile dysfunction starts suddenly and men have erections in some circumstances but not in others suggests a psychological cause.

Symptoms of erection problems include not being able to:
•    To have an erection at any time, whether through masturbation or with a partner.
•    Maintain an erection firm enough to have a sexual intercourse.
•    To maintain an erection long enough to complete the sexual act.

Even with an erection problem, a man can still have sexual desire and may be able to have an orgasm and ejaculation.

The physical causes include:
•    Poor blood flow to the penis.
•    Hormonal abnormalities.
•    The excessive drainage of blood from the penis.
•    Damage or disease that affects the nerves of the penis.
•    Diabetes.
•    Abuse of drugs or alcohol.
•    Excessive smoking.
•    High levels of cholesterol.
•    Neurological diseases.
•    Diseases that affect the erectile tissue of the penis.
•    Serious chronic diseases – kidney or liver problems.
•    Side effects of prescribed medication.
•    Surgery -prostate cancer, interventions of the rectum, and lumbar spine.
•     Radiation therapy in prostate cancer.

The psychological cause may include:
1.    Conjugal conflict and dissatisfaction –also linked with premature ejaculation.
2.    Stress and anxiety at work or at home.
3.    Depression.
4.    Unresolved sexual orientation
5.    Sexual boredom.
6.    Unresolved issues with former relationship.
7.    Difficulties in having sexual intercourse with his partner after the birth of first child.
8.    The loss or death the partner.
9.    Fatigue.
10.    Unrealistic expectations.
11.    Low self-esteem.

To find out if your problem is psychological or not, it is recommended The Rigiscan. It is an instrument that measures the penile rigidity during sleep. If there is an erection during sleep, the causes are psychological and not organic. Before starting treatment you should take into account all factors that cause ED. Urologist must discern whether it is a psychogenic dysfunction (stress, education, inhibitions of religion, the environment in which sex takes place) or somatic. Most times it is necessary to consult a psychologist along with a visit to urologist.