Erectile dysfunction cause and male impotence treatment

Male impotence and its causes are a very important topic nowadays…the main erectile dysfunction causes can be usually physical, psychological or chemical, and we are going to describe each and every one of them today.

The main objective of this article is to summarize and analyze the erectile dysfunction cause, as well as providing information about erectile dysfunction medications that are currently available in the market to cure male impotence treatment.

A physical erectile dysfunction cause is conformed by different factors that we usually cannot control by ourselves:

  • heart disease,
  • atherosclerosis,
  • hypertension,
  • diabetes,
  • obesity
  • and problems with the metabolic syndrome.

Other examples of a physical erectile dysfunction cause include:

  • the reaction with certain prescription medications,
  • Tobacco use or abuse,
  • Alcoholism and drug abuse,
  • the use of prostate cancer treatments,
  • Parkinson’s disease,
  • hormonal disorders like low testosterone and previous surgeries or injuries that have affected the pelvic area or spinal cord somehow.

A doctor might want to separate the physical and psychological erectile dysfunction cause only for diagnostic purposes, but in practice the type of erectile dysfunction cause is often related one with the other. Yet, the accessibility and victorious rates of medication for ED, regardless of the corresponding erectile dysfunction cause, have made it possible for doctors to prescribe effective treatment for it without specialized training in sex counseling.

Sexual function is also influenced by a person’s general comfort and Erectile Dysfunction may be a sign that the person is not paying enough attention to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and neither the most effective ED treatments can be expected to do much against a wave of constant fatigue, inadequate sleep and the effects these issues have in a relationship, as this is called a psychological or emotional erectile dysfunction cause.

Well, now that we have described the erectile dysfunction cause, we are going to start with some examples of medications that can be used as a male impotence treatment are: the brand hard pills like Cialis, Levitra or Viagra and the generic versions of them: Zenegra, Apcialis and Kamagra.

Certainly, medications are not the only available erectile dysfunction cause and so there are other type of methods you might find interesting:

  • penis pumps,
  • vascular surgery,
  • mechanical devices
  • and alternative medicine (Chinese, Ayurvedic, etc).

What happens is, medications work faster and have an affordable price (especially the generic ones). When deciding what method of treatment for male impotence will be used, your doctor is the only one who can provide you with the outcome of that decision, based on diagnosis, clinical story and your overall health condition.

You should never even think about using any erectile dysfunction medications without the supervision of a certified professional doctor, as he is someone who knows what they are doing and will also be there in case that you require some additional support.

I strongly encourage you discussing this topic with your sexual partner first and then with your private doctor about your problem and so the doctor will determine which ED medications or male impotence treatment you need to help your sexual intimacy.